Was 80s Hollywood child and teenage star actor Corey Haim’s death a blood sacrifice by the numbers?


His last name was Haim.


Haim sums to 77 in reverse numerology.

Corey Haim reportedly died of pneumonia…77 days after his 38th birthday.

Like River Phoenix and so many young Hollywood actors deaths, Corey Haim may have been a blood sacrifice. Blood sacrifice has a gematria of 121.

And 67.

Corey’s full name was Corey Ian Haim.


Like ‘blood sacrifice’, Corey Ian Haim sums to 121.

You can’t mention Corey Haim without mentioning young phenom 80s actor Corey Feldman. ‘The Two Coreys’ made about 9 movies together.

Corey Feldman also sums to 121.

And Corey Ian Haim sums also to 67!

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman will forever be remembered for their role in the 80s cult classic movie ‘The Lost Boys’.

The Lost Boys sums to 43.

Haim died on March 10th, 2010.

That day had a date numerology of…43.

(3) + (10) + (20) + (10) = 43

R.I.P. and Killing equals 43.

He died in March. March equals 43.

Corey died at the age of 38.

The day he died also had date numerologies of 7 and 16.

3 + 1+0 + 2+0+1+0 = 7

(3) + (10) + 2+0+1+0 = 16

Corey Haim’s actor buddy Corey Fieldman’s birthday is July 16th. Like…7/16.

They we’re labeled ‘The Two Coreys’ Corey sums to 69.

Haim died in Burbank California.

Burbank sums to 69.

He died on March 10th. This day is the…69th day.

You can’t mention Corey Haim without mentioning Corey Feldman. The Two Coreys we’re Jewish kids both born in 1971.

The two Corey’s appeared to be like twins. Twins sums to 22.

Haim sums to 22.

Both we’re played major roles in the classic movie The Lost Boys which was released on July 31st, 1987.

Corey Haim died…22 years and 222 days after the movie was released.

Another movie The Two Coreys played together in was ‘License to Drive’.

License to Drive sums to 160.

The Lost Boys sums to 160.

Corey Haim died on March 10th. Written in a word, March Tenth sums to 160.

‘The Two Coreys’, Haim and Feldman were born in 1971…160 DAYS APART!

Was the Murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik really a blood sacrifice to Saturn and the god Pan?

One of the most intriguing crime series on Netflix. The Keepers

The story of a beautiful, young and caring nun who disappeared and was later found dead, allegedly killed for threatening to report sleezy corrupt cops and pedophiles abusing teenage girls from a Roman catholic school where she had been teaching drama.

I’m not saying ‘anything’. I’ll let the numbers do the talking.

First of all, ‘The Keepers’ sums to 112

The Roman Catholic Jesuits love to remind the world that they do ‘good works’ in about…112 nations.

The Keepers also discuses the possible connection between the November 11th 1969 disappearance and murder of 20 year old Joyce Malecki and Sister Cesnik’s case.

Joyce Malecki would give confessions to the same priest Sister Cesnik intented to stop from abusing school girls. Joyce Malecki sums to 112.

Sister Cesnik was found dead in a landfill.

BOTH Sister Cesnik and Malecki’s murders remain UNSOLVED! Unsolved sums to 112.

Sister Cathy Cesnik taught at a Roman catholic high school. ‘Catholicism’ sums to 112.

Joyce Malecki disappeared on November 11th and her dead body was discovered on the 13th.

That was on a date numerology of…112!

(11) + (13) + (19) + (69) = 112

Joyce Malecki died at the age of 20 years old. Death sums to 20.

Joyce Malecki’s body was found 154 days after her June 12th birthday.

Ritual Sacrifice sums to 154.

Death numbers 25 and 38

Sister Catherine’s last name was Cesnik. Cesnik sums to 25 and 38.

MURDER and killing sums to 38.

Her murdered body was found on a landfill on Monumental Road…

The beloved teacher was known as Sister Cathy Cesnik. It sums to 251.

Ritual Sacrifice also sums to 251.

251 is the 54th prime number

Cesnik was reported missing on November 7th 1969.


November 7th leaves…54 days in the year.

Four days later, Joyce Malecki was also missing. Malecki sums to 54.

Sister Cesnik was planning to report the pedophile roman priests in her school. ‘Pedophile’ sums to 54.

Jesuit Order sums to…54.

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a teacher at the all-girls Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore Maryland.


The 1st Archbishop in the history of the United States was Jesuit John Carroll who later became Archbishop of Baltimore.


John Carroll sums to 54.

Cesnik was born on November 17th. She disappeared on November 7th.



She was a Catholic nun, which sums to 177.

‘The Jesuit Order’ sums to 177.

Cesnik and Malecki disappeared in November of ‘69. ‘The Jesuit Order’ also sums to 69.

69 like Catholic Church.

With ‘numbers’ like these…

Cesnik disappeared on November 7th, like 11/7. And Archbishop Keough High School sums to 117

Cathy’s full name was Catherine Anne Cesnik.

Catherine Cesnik sums to 72.

Like you know who

Catherine Cesnik also sums to 144.

She taught at ‘Archbishop Keough High School.’

Archbishop Keough High School sums to 144.

Like you know who

The secret unknown higher ups are also fond of the number 74

Sister Cesnik was found dead in a landfill on January 3rd 1970.

That day had a date numerology of 74.

‘January the Third’ has a gematria of 74.

74 like the following words…

The Keepers first aired on Netflix on May 19th 2017.

More religious ‘numerical connotations’. That day had numerology of 61.

(5) + (19) + (20) + (17) = 61

Like the following words…

Sister Cesnik taught at the all-girls private ‘Roman’ Archbishop Keough High School. Roman sums to 61.

Like ‘Christian’.


During the Netflix special The Keepers, they say her body was found close to Monumental Avenue…

Sister Cesnik’s lifeless body was discovered on January 3rd under the zodiac of the Capricorn.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, aka Chronos, aka the Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper sums to 61.

Cesnik and Malecki weren’t raped and killed by just simple murderous religious perverts who went off the righteous path and needed to be cured. These were ritual murders

Christian and Cesnik also equal 101

101 is the 26th prime number.

Sister Cathy was only…26 years old when she disappeared.


She was born in 1942 on November 17th.

That was on the 47th week of the year

She lived and died in the state of Maryland. Maryland sums to 47.

Christian also sums to 47.

The headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church are in Rome. The ‘Vatican’. Vatican sums to 47.

The head of the Vatican is the current Pope Francis.

Francis sums to 47.

At the time of the Netflix release, both Joyce Malecki and Sister Cathy Cesnik’s murders were still ‘unsolved’ after…47 YEARS!


47 years is a long time indeed. Saturn. Chronos. Grim Reaper. God of…TIME.

Time sums to 47.

One pedophile the brave Sister Cesnik at least tried to stop to protect the girl students before she was silenced was the school’s own priest, pederast Anthony Joseph Maskell.

Joseph Maskell sums to 47.

Her first name was Catherine.

She was affectionally called Cathy Cesnik. Cathy Cesnik sums to 118.

118 is like November 8th or 11/8. The day after she was abducted.

They call it ‘Murder of Cathy Cesnik’…


Murder of Catherine Cesnik sums to 118.

Death sums to 118 in Latin Gematria.

This was homicide. Homicide sums to 118.

Saturn, Capricorn and Pan, the god of…Pederasty?

Sister Cesnik’s body was found on January 3rd 1970 under the Capricorn zodiac which is ruled by Saturn.


Saturn is related to the god Pan.

Pan is the god of Pederasty. This means sex with…I can’t even bring myself to say it.


Sister Cathy was born a Scorpio on November 17th 1942 and was abducted and likely murdered under the Scorpio zodiac on November 7th 1969. Scorpio is associated with the 8th Tarot card of DEATH!

Sister Cathy was a catholic nun. The card’s ‘Kabbalistic Letter’ is ‘NUN’.

Remember that Sister Cathy was planning to report her school’s pedophile priest, Father Maskell.

Sister Cathy was raped, then killed! Her body was found 2 months later in January while the zodiac was in Capricorn. For what it’s worth, Capricorn zodiac’s quality is Cardinal. Tarot Card? The DEVIL!


Very good read…


Sister Cesnik disappeared on November 7th 1969 and was discovered dead on January 3rd 1970…

January 3rd. Like 1/3. Cathy Cesnik was a nun. Nun sums to 13.

Recall that Joyce Malecki’s body was discovered on November 13th. Pan sums to 13!

January 3rd. 3rd of January. Like 3/1. Malecki was found dead on a date numerology of 31.

1+1 + 1+3 + 1+9+6+9 = 31

Pan also sums to 31.

Sister Cathy Cesnik disappeared on November 7th. Her dead body found on January 3rd. My hunch tells me that between these dates, something sinister may have happened to Sister Cesnik on…SATURNalia, which is on December 17th.

Saturnalia has a ‘darker’ side?

Pedophile priest Father Maskell died without even facing the Court of Men. But he will face the Court of God.

This demon died on the right date, too. May 7th 2001.

May 7th like 5/7

Father Maskell was a Roman Catholic priest. He ‘served’ Rome. Rome sums to 57.

But I think he was also secretly serving Pan and Chronos, known in ancient ROMAN religion as Saturn, also known as Father Time. Father Time sums to 57.

Saturn. Chronos. Capricorn the Goat god Pan. God Pan sums to 57.

The Keepers was released a little over 570 months after Sister Cathy was declared missing.

Cathy Cesnik was abused, killed and her body was discovered…57 DAYS after she went missing!

Cathy sums to 57.

Sister Cathy’s body was found on a Saturday, which is…’Saturn-Day’.


Saturn-Day sums to 57.

Was Sister Cathy Cesnik sacrificed by the numbers?

IMO, it’s very likely. Sacrifice sums to 73.

Saturnalia sums to 73.

The pedophile priest, Joe Maskell, his last name sums to 73.

Sister Cathy Cesnik sums to 73.

Cesnik connects with the usual sacrifice numbers…

Joyce was 20 and Sister Cesnik was 26 when they died. Both then combine for 46 years on this earth.

They fractured Sister Cesnik’s skull which caused a fatal hemorrhage.

Like ‘sacrifice’ and ‘Cathy Cesnik’, hemorrhage sums to 62 and 46.

She was a catholic nun. Catholic sums to 46.

She was found dead just south of Father Maskell and Archbishop John Carroll’s Baltimore in a little suburb called Lansdowne.

Joyce Malecki lived in Lansdowne.

Lansdowne sums to 46.

Joyce Malecki’s body was found on a Thursday. Thursday sums to 46.

Sacrificed to who?

IMO Sister Cathy was sacrificed to this ancient ‘god’…

Saturn has a gematria of 93.


Again, Sister Cathy Cesnik’s body was discovered in Lansdowne Maryland.

Lansdowne Maryland sums to 93.

Recall that Malecki was a resident of Lansdowne. They ‘found’ her body on November 13th 1969. That day was on a date numerology of 93.

(11) + (13) + (69) = 93

They ‘found’ Sister Cesnik’s body on January 3rd 1970. That day had a date numerology of…93!

(1) + (3) + (19) + (70) = 93

January 3rd 1970 was a…Saturday! Saturn is where we get ‘Saturday’ from.

Saturday sums to 107.

Ritual Sacrifice sums to 107.

A day on Saturn takes…10.7 hours.


Again, poor Sister Cathy Cesnik was ‘discovered’ dead in Lansdowne, which sums to 107!

Cesnik found dead in Lansdowne while Molecki lived in Lansdowne.

Lansdowne sums to 35

Saturnalia sums to 35.

Baltimore is the oldest Catholic city in the USA. Catholic sums to 35.

Joyce Molecki’s body was found on November 13th. That was a Thursday.

Thursday sums to 35.

Sister Cesnik’s body was found January 3rd 1970 which had a lesser date numerology of 21.

(1) + (3) + 1+9+7+0 = 21

Jesuit sums to 21.

She was found on the…2100 block of Monumental Road.

Saturn sums to 21.


Cathy Cesnik disappeared in November of 1969. Saturn sums to 69.

Cathy Cesnik was born in 1942. Saturn sums to 42.

R.I.P. Joyce Malecki and Sister Cathy Cesnik.

MLK Jr Day 2023, James Earl RAY, the MEMPHIS Grizzlies, the Phoenix SUNS, coach MONTGOMERY and the number 666

The great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr was killed in MEMPHIS in April 4th, 1968.

Today on January 16th 2023 in the NBA, the MEMPHIS Grizzlies hosts the Phoenix SUNS.

The SUNS coach is Tavares Montgomery Williams aka Monty Williams.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. January 16th. 1/16.

African-American sums to 116

If Monty and his SUNS lose, he will pick up his…116th loss including his playoffs losses (101+14+ today’s likely loss).


It’s the only 6:00 PM NBA game today.

It will be coach Monty Williams…666th regular season game.


Basketball Game sums to 666 in Sumerian gematria.

6 x 6 x 6 = 216

MLK sums to 216 in Sumerian gematria.

The over/under betting odds at one point was at 228.

Martin Luther King Jr sums to 228.

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. He found death in MEMPHIS. Death sums to 228 in Sumerian gematria.

Martin Luther King Jr Day sums to 105.

In Vegas opening line, the MEMPHIS Grizzlies were favorite to win by 10.5 points over the Phoenix SUNS!


The Suns home state is Arizona. Arizona sums to 105.

One of the landmarks of MEMPHIS Tennessee is its ‘MEMPHIS Pyramid‘.

Pyramids sums to 105.

This will be regular season game number Six Hundred and Sixty Six (666) for coach Monty. Six Hundred and Sixty Six sums to 105.

This means this will be coach Monty’s…six hundred and sixty sixth game. When that game starts he will still be at…322 losses!


‘Six hundred and sixty sixth’ sums to 322.

Like these guys…

Six Hundred and Sixty Sixth also sums to 128.

The MEMPHIS Grizzlies best player is the electrifying young point guard Ja Morant.

Ja Morant’s birthday and MLK’s anniversary of his death are…128 DAYS APART!

I know. A little overwhelming. But wait! There’s more.

On coach Monty’s Six Hundred and Sixty Sixth game, Ja Morant could win for the…

128th time in his successful young NBA career!


His 128th win in the NBA. On MLK Day!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day sums to 128!

Ja plays ball in MEMPHIS where the KING was killed by the U.S. Gover…I mean, James Earl RAY, at the Lorraine Motel.

James Earl RAY sums to 128!

Lorraine Motel sums to 67.

James Earl Ray. Ray sounds like ‘REY’. The Spanish word for…KING!

‘White King’ assassinates ‘Black King’. King sums to 67.

Soon, MEMPHIS Grizzlies Ja Morant will be the new KING of the NBA. Young Ja was born about…67 WEEKS after Ray died in prison in April 23, 1998.

I know Ja has nothing to do with this mess. But goddamn…

His name Temetrius Morant sums to 67!

Ray Ray was arrested in July 8th 1955 for robbery…

67 years ago!

With his 128th win, on coach Monty’s 666th game, Ja stays at 95 losses in his career.

‘Six Hundred Sixty Six’ sums to 95

Martin Luther King Jr was born Michael King Jr but changed his name to honor Martin Luther who wrote the 95 Theses condemning the excesses and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church.

Would be a nice way for Ja to honor the great Civil Rights leader with a win for King and MEMPHIS. Martin Luther King died on April 4th…1968.

The Phoenix SUNS were founded in 1968.

We’ll see. But so far so good! The Grizzlies were trailing early on and are now leading with…68 points at the halftime break against coach MONTGOMERY’s Phoenix SUNS…


MLK back in 1955 took part in the MONTGOMERY Alabama Bus Boycott.

Montgomery Alabama sums to 68.

Temetrius J. Morant…68.

April 4th, 1968 was the…95th day of the year. AND that day had a 95 date numerology.

(4) + (4) + (19) + (68) = 95

Remove Ja’s middle name and his name sums to 95.

His team, ‘The Memphis Grizzlies’ also equals 95.

Turns out, Ja finished the game with 29 points.


Maybe ‘because’ MLK was born in 1929.

Maybe ‘because’ his ‘killer’ James Ray sums to 29.

Maybe ‘because’ Ja and MLK’s birthdays are about 29 weeks apart.

That ‘Black’ sums to 29.

And that JA MORANT sums to…29!

MLK was born on January 15th. 1/15. A SUNS loss today would be on coach Monty’s 666th game.

Six Hundred Sixty Sixth also sums to 115.

For what it’s worth, MEMPHIS Grizzlies coach full name is Taylor Vetter Jenkins.

Taylor Vetter Jenkins sums to 115.

108 ‘SUNS’

Monty was born in year 1971 on October 8th. 10/8.

MEMPHIS Grizzlies superstar phenom Ja Morant was born on the 10th of August. Kind of like 10/8.

The SUN‘s diameter is equivalent to the diameter of 108 earths. The distance between the SUN and planet earth is equivalent to 108 SUNS!

As a reminder, Monty coaches the Phoenix SUNS. When Monty was born on October 8th…


…the primary date numerology was…

(10) + (8) + (19) + (71) = 108

One of the landmarks of MEMPHIS Tennessee is its ‘MEMPHIS Pyramid’.

Pyramid in MEMPHIS. The Phoenix SUNs. SUN shining over the Pyramid.

Pyramid of the SUN.

SUNS. Light. Vision. Eye? Pyramid. Apex…

Like a…mountaintop?

MLK infamous Mountaintop Speech. Youtube.

“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” sums to 108!

Martin Luther King Jr (Day) sums to 129 in at least two gematria cyphers.

MEMPHIS Grizzlies coach is Taylor Jenkins.

He was born on the 12th of September. Like 12/9.

Jenkins starred in Ja Morant ‘Promiseland‘ TV series. I heard it’s pretty good.

MLK Day is 126 days after Jenkins birthday.

MLK shared his VISION of the ‘Promiseland’ in his prophetic ‘MOUNTAINTOP’ speech one day before being killed in MEMPHIS.

MLK infamous Mountaintop Speech. Youtube.

Promiseland sums to 126.

Ja’s full name sums to 126.

Ja Morant is the star of the MEMPHIS Grizzlies. The Memphis Pyramid used to be called the Great American Pyramid.

Great American Pyramid sums to 1206 in Sumerian numerology.

This will be the six hundred and sixty sixth game (666) for coach Montgomery Williams.

Suns coach Monty, his full name sums to 269.

Ja’s coach Taylor Jenkins comes into this game having coached 269 regular season games.

269 is the 16.401th square root number…

16.401. January…16th.

And 16.401 isn’t far off from 164. Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day

…sums to 164.

The great Rev. Martin Luther King shared his illuminating VISION in his infamous ‘MOUNTAINTOP’ speech the day before his assassination, at MASON Temple, a church in Memphis.

Mason Temple sums to 164

Phoenix SUNS sums to 164.

Coach Jenkins win tonight would be his 158th win…

King gave his Mountaintop speech at MASON Temple in MEMPHIS. Mountaintop sums to 158.

FreeMASONry sums to 158.

Ja Morant August 10th birthday is…158 days before MLK’s January 15th birthday!

Coach Monty’s October 8th birthday is 100 days before today’s MLK Day.


Montgomery Bus Boycott sums to 100.

Martin Luther King is no doubt the most famous African-American civil rights leader of all-time. African-American sums to 100.

The game will be on NBA on TNT.

NBA on TNT sums to 100.

African-American = 116. And today MLK Jr Day is January 16th. 1/16.

The Memphis Grizzlies have a 18-3 home record.


If they win over coach Montgomery and his SUNS, they will be 19-3. 193 is the 44th prime number.

NBA on TNT sums to 44.

Montgomery sums to 44.

Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins, his last name sums to 44.

MLK died on April 4th. 4/4.

The ‘shaming’ numbers

So Coach Monty could lose tonight on his 666th game and pick up the 102nd loss in his regular season coaching career.

Slavery and the ‘N’ word sum to 102.

Some might argue that ‘slaves built America’. Slaves built the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Great American Pyramid sums to 102.

If Monty and his SUNS lose to the MEMPHIS Grizzlies, they will remain at…59 wins but pick up their…42nd loss all-time.

Suns vs Grizz

Grizzlies sums to 59.

Monty Williams sums to 59.

Slave sums to 59.

Pyramids sums to 42.

Slavery and the ‘N’ word both also have a gematria of 42.

The Phoenix SUNS are from Arizona. The last state to recognize MLK Day…


Arizona sums to 42.


Tua’s new concussion, SKYlar Thompson, The Patriots, Palmyra and the weather God Ba’al Shamaim

I was expecting Tua to play against the Patriots on January 1st. But Tua went through another ‘concussion protocol’. So his backup, Teddy Bridgewater had to start in his place.

But late in the game, Teddy injured his finger. So the 3rd QB, Skylar Thomson had to come in to face New-ENGLAND. Skylar wears jersey #19.

QUEEN sums to 19.

Skylar and the Dolphins lost that game to New-ENGLAND and remained stuck at 19 wins all-time in New-England.

The QUEEN died at the age of 96

Thompson sums to 96.

Skylar was born on June 4th. June 4th was…96 DAYS before the Queen died on September 8th!

Thompson also sums to 39.

The Queen was the 39th Sovereign to be crowned.

The Queen left her throne behind when she died on the 8th of September. 8/9. Skylar’s full name is Skylar John Thompson.

Which sums to 89.

The Queen died on September 8th or 9/8. Skylar took over that game against the New-ENGLAND Patriots, which sums to 98.

Patriots also sums to 98.

The Queen, upon her death, passed the Throne of the United Kingdom to her son.

Throne sums to 82

The United Kingdom sums to 82.

Booya! Skyler John Thompson sums to 82!

That game was against the New-ENGLAND Patriots, which sums to 82. Why the f*ck not.

How they synced up all of this mess is beyond me.

‘The United Kingdom’. It sums to 253…

Skylar’s full name sums to 253.

That game between the Dolphins and the Patriots was in Foxborough in the Boston Massachusetts region. Boston Massachusetts sums to 253.

There were talks of Tua getting ‘another’ concussion during the previous game against the Packers and Aaron CHARLES Rodgers.

Packers sums to 73

Speaking of Aaron Charles and the number 73, KING CHARLES III was 73 years old when his mother the Queen passed and Tua got concussed on September 29th.

Skylar Thompson sums to 73.

King Charles inherited the Crown from his mother the Queen. Crown sums to 73.

Queen sums to 73.

Recall in my old Tua post I highlighted the fact that the Queen of ENGLAND visited Tua’s homeland of Hawaii in 1975 and spent a lovely afternoon watching DOLPHINS!


Tua and Skylar’s Dolphins lost to the New-ENGLAND Patriots and their coach, the legendary football wizard Bill Belichick.

Belichick sums to 62

Queen sums to 62.

Crown sums to 62.

Patriots QB Mac Jones finished the game with an average (AVG) of 6.2 yards per passes…


Dolphins backup QB, the…6’2″ tall Skylar Thompson…

His name sums to 62.

The Queen’s coronation was on June 2nd. 6/2.

That was back in…1953

Patriots sums to 53.

Boston Massachusetts sums to 53.

Skylar took over from Teddy Bridgewater because…

…old Teddy (ahem!) broke a finger on his right hand.

I know, right!

Right hand sums to 53.

The Dolphins lost for the…53rd time against the Patriots.

Their all-time record against New-ENGLAND is now 59-53. London England sums to 59.

Now, I really hope I’m wrong.

Because the following is CREEPY as f*ck

Skylar was born in a small town in Missouri called…Palmyra.

More about Palmyra below. But for now, know that all the following words, in various cyphers, have a gematria of 80.

Tua Tagovailoa, the embattled Dolphins starting QB with his now infamous concussion on September 29th.

The Dolphins coach.

Remember on September 29th, Florida was dealing with extreme weather condition brought by…’Hurricane Ian’.

C’mon, bro. Don’t give me that face. Ian was a ‘natural’ storm. No?

Weather sums to 80.

That game in September was on a day with date numerology of 80.

9 + 29 + 20 + 22 = 80

Tua’s backup QB, Teddy Bridgewater.

Prince Charles, who gain the throne of the United Kingdom and became King Charles III a few weeks before the Hurricane.

I think you see where I’m going with this. King Charles III of ENGLAND. The New…ENGLAND Patriots. Their QB is the young Mac Jones.

Mac Jones sums to 80!

I must admit.

Even after publishing my post on Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion he suffered against the Bengals back on September 29th Thursday Night Football, and how it seemed linked to HURRICANE IAN, the Royal Family, the Babylon weather god BA’AL, the Greek god Zeus and the number 80, I thought I had finally lost my damn mind.

Turns out, I may not be this crazy after all.

SKY-lar Thompson is from Palmyra Missouri. I’m sure the people in this town are mostly decent God fearing Christians.

But the name Palmyra may come from the ancient city Palmyra, in the country now called Syria.

Where they used to worship the pagan RAIN, STORM and…SKY god Ba’al. Ba’al Shamin that is.


SKYLAR, from Palmyra. Hurricanes, rain, and thunder arrive from the…SKY. Like weather SKY gods worshiped back in the day in Palmyra Syria.


And yes…

Baal Shamin sums to 80!

The other pronunciation, ‘Baal Shamaim‘, sums to 80.

Skylar ‘Palmyra Sky God’ Thompson’s only touchdown pass was to # 8 8 Mike Gesicki.

One more ’80’ for our new British King and big boss man Ba’al before we leave. This was Mike’s…80th game of his career.


King Charles III was 73 years of age when the Queen died and Tua suffered his concussion. Baal Shamain sums to 73.

SKY-lar Thompson was born on June 4th. 6/4.

Baal Shamin sums to 64.

Both Shamin and Shamaim sum to 64.

OK, lets end this post with something a little less creepy.

104 and 14

Palmyra Sky god Skylar Thompson rushed 1 time with the ball for 4 yards.


Sky god Skylar finished the game with 104 yards of passing.


104. Take out the ‘0’ you get 14. Skylar John ‘Ba’al’ Thompson’s only touchdown pass was a 14-yard TD pass he threw to Mike Gesicki.

It was 1st &Goal on the New-England 4 yard line. There was…1:04 minute left in the game!


Gesicki’s full name sums to 104.

1st Down & 4.

14 yard-TD.

1:04 minute left in the game.

Fourteen written in word sums to…


And look at the these two clueless grown men.

Sad ain’t it?

Was the death of young Hollywood rising star and Poltergeist movie actress Dominique Dunne a ritual sacrifice by the numbers?

Her name was Dominique Dunne.

Dominique Dunne sums to 213.

Dominique’s full name was Dominique Ellen Dunne which ALSO sums to 213!

Death has a satanic gematria of 213.

She was attacked and strangled by her ex-boyfriend John Sweeney in her home in the West Hollywood section of Los Angeles. The area code in L.A. is 213.

Dominique was born on November 23rd 1959 and died on November 4th 1982, a span of 20 days before her birthday.

Death sums to 20.

In the movie Poltergeist she played the role of Dana Freeling.

Dana Freeling sums to 228.

Death also sums to 228 in Sumerian numerology.

Dominique Dunne was still only 22 years of age when she was murdered.

Dunne sums to 22.

She was just days away from being 23 years old. Dunne also equals 23.

She died on a day that had a date numerology of 97.

11 + 4 + 82 = 97

Death sums to 97.

She died after being attacked by her violent ex-boyfriend who INVADED her own home and strangled her almost to the point of death.

The unfortunate event transpired 5 days earlier on October 30th.

D.Dunne Wiki

October 30th leaves 62 days in the year.

Poltergeist’s main protagonist was Heather O’Rourke, who played Carol Anne Freeling, baby sister to Dominique’s Dana Freeling.

Heather died at an even younger age on February 1st 1988 at the tender age of 12. That was…62 MONTHS and 28 days after Dominique died.

Sacrifice sums to 62.

Heather died at a time when Dominique would have been…28 years old.

KILL sums to 28.

Dominique met her troubled and abusive boyfriend John Sweeney where he worked as a cook at a Hollywood French restaurant named “Ma Maison”.

Ma Maison is French for ‘my home’. He strangled Dominique in her home she had shared with him before breaking up with him.

‘My Home’ has a near perfect gematria match with ‘Murder’.

Murder and My Home sum to 79. The 22nd prime number.

Recall that Dominique died at the age of 22.

Dead after been strangled by her demented ex who invaded her home. She played in the 1982 movie Poltergeist. A movie about malevolent ghost invading a suburban family’s home.

John Sweeney sums to 46.

Like the word sacrifice

‘Dominique’ along with her middle name together sum to 155.

Ritual killing sums to 155.

She was attacked and strangled by her ex-boyfriend John in her West Hollywood home. West Hollywood sums to 155.

Poltergeist was released on June 4th, 1982.

June 4th is the…155TH DAY of the Year!

John Sweeney also equals 154.

My hunch tells me this was a typical ritual sacrifice as offering to the secret blood thirsty gods of the ‘entertainment’ industry. Ritual sacrifice sums to 154.

Dominique passed away…154 DAYS after the release of Poltergeist.

R.I.P. Dominique Dunne.

Coach Prime Time Deion Sanders hired by the Colorado Buffaloes by the Numbers!

‘Prime Time’ Deion Sanders. One of the most flamboyant, charismatic and spectacular athletes ever. Mr. Sanders just got hired as the college football head coach of the sorry a*s Colorado Buffaloes.


Deion got the job on December 3rd. That was 803 days after being hired by Jackson State University back on September 21st 2020.

The Buffaloes play at the Folsom Field in Boulder Colorado. The stadium’s zip code is 80305.

803. Take the ‘0’ out you get 83. Deion is perfect for Colorado. “Prime Time Deion” sums to…83!

Deion’s full name is Deion Luwynn Sanders.

His full name sums to 83!

In 1997, Deion returned a punt kick for 83 yards. The longest of his career.

His new team, the Buffaloes, call Boulder Colorado home. Boulder Colorado sums to 83.

Colorado sums to 83.

83 is a big number in football. Football sums to 83.

The reverse of 83 is 38. The news of Deion’s hiring hit the media hard on December 4th. That day had a numerology of 38.

(12) + (4) + (22) = 38

Colorado sums to 38 as well.

And Colorado is the 38th state admitted into the American Union…

Deion didn’t waste any time getting people talking. He straight out told his new players to hit the…’transfer’ portal and leave his team to make room for tougher smarter athletes. Ouch.

Transfer sums to…38.

Deion is perfect for Colorado. Colorado Buffaloes sums to 71.

Deion Sanders sums to 71.

And think of the controversy his hiring created because he left and African-American university school for a ‘White’ university.

African-American sums to 71.

December 4th had a life lesson date numerology of 58.

(12) + (4) + (20) + (22) = 58

Deion L. Sanders sums to 58.

Deion was coaching the Jackson State Tigers, in Mississippi.

Mississippi sums to 58.

Deion won his second Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys.

Current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott played college in Mississippi.


December 4th, same day as we hear of Deion’s hiring, Dak picked up the 58th win of his career.


The coach who was let go to make way for Prime Time is Karl Dorrell.

Dorrell is 58 years old.

Freemasonry sums to 58.

To hire the second black man, Deion, these guys fired the first black man, Karl, on October 2nd. 10/2.


The ‘n’ word sums to 102.

October 2nd was on a date with a life lesson numerology of 54.

10 + 2 + 20 + 22 = 54

October 2nd was…54 DAYS after Deion’s August 9th birthday!

So Karl is fired on a date numerology of 54, 54 days after my man Prime Time’s birthday. And what do you know…Karl Dorrell sums to 54.

And who else sums to 54? Prime Time!

Of course. Of course. It make ‘sense’.

And recall that Deion won his 2nd ring with the Cowboys.

Maybe as an homage to the great Deion, his old Cowboys literally whooped the Colts behinds with 54 points!


Deion’s new team are affectionally called the Colorado Buffs.

Buffs sums to 54.

The Buffaloes last game this college season was on November 26th. That was 109 days after Deion’s August 9th birthday.

Prime Time Deion Sanders has a gematria of 109!

Sanders sums to 109.

109 is the 29th prime number.

Speaking of ‘prime‘ numbers and ‘Prime‘ Time Deion, Prime sums to 29!

Deion also sums to 29.

Deion comes to Colorado after three seasons with Jackson State.


‘Three” sums to 29.

Football sums to 29.

‘Woke’ Blacks are making a big fuss of having a high profile Black coach like Deion leaving a poor Black college from poor Jackson City for a wealthy White college in lilly White Colorado.

Black sums to 29.

Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is currently 55 years old.

Deion Sanders sums to 55!

Deion won his first Superbowl with the 49ers.

49ers equals 55.

His new team plays college football at the Folsom Field Stadium. Folsom Field sums to 55.

So Deion gets his new gig in December

Deion calls himself Coach Prime...

Coach Prime. 55…

Growing up, many of us wanted to be fly like Deion and rock his super cool looking Nikes…

And master as many sports as possible…


…and one day marry a woman as beautiful as his wife, Pilar Sanders.


Pilar Sanders sums to 55.

Prime Time Coach, prime time wife, prime time numerology…

Maybe it’s a coincidence. But the great Deion played 188 games in the NFL.


And Pilar Sanders sums to 188.

So do his shoes.

Pilar, the prophetess…


Looks like a buffalo to me.

Now Coach Prime is at the helm of the Colorado Buffaloes. Colorado sums to 43.

Deion was hired by Jackson State University on September 21st 2020, 43 days after his August 9th birthday.

His first year at Jackson he ended with a decent record of 4-3.


His last game coaching Jackson, his team won with…43 POINTS!

The Buffaloes last game this 2022 season was on November 26th, a date that had a numerology of 43.

(11) + (26) + 2+0+2+2 = 43

Deion was hired by Colorado University 116 days after his birthday.

Black man Deion left African-American college Jackson State for White-American Colorado University. Jackson sums to 116.

African-American sums to 116.

His new Colorado Buffaloes play at Folsom Field which sums to 116.

The day after his hiring was first announced, his old Dallas Cowboys destroyed the Indianapolis Colts and became …11-6 against them.

Hired on December 3rd. So it was a big story on the 4th, 117 days after his birthday.

Deion left behind his old Jackson State Tigers, which sums to 117.

He was hired 73 days after the September 21st anniversary of his hiring at Jackson.

Jackson sums to 73.

73 is the 21st prime number.

PRIME Time Deion was hired by Jackson State in 2020 on September…21st, and became the…21st coach in the history of that school.


Now he’s hired by Colorado on a day with a date numerology of…21.

(12) + (3) + 2+0+2+2 = 21

In their last game of the season, the subpar Buffaloes got obliterated 63 to…21.





‘Twenty-One’ written in a word, sums to 42.

Buffaloes and Dorrell sum to 42.

Both Dorrell and Deion are black. The infamous ‘N’ word also sums to 42.

Speaking of ‘Black’, Colorado University is (ahem) ‘proud’…to be the first ‘PWI’ to have now hired 4 Black coaches.

Now peep the weirdness.

PWI stands for “Predominantly white institutions”. It sums to 420.

Deion is the first HBCU coach to be hired by a so-called PWI. HBCU stands for “Historically Black college and university”.

It ALSO sums to 420!

Harnessing the hidden power of number 42 to push for more wokeness and more division?

Interesting that Deion’s old Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones was born in 19…42.

And that a week before Deion’s hiring news, Jones is in the midst of a controversy since a picture of him at 14 years old at a protest against school integration of Black students surfaced on social media right around Thanksgiving.

William P. Straeter / AP; The Atlantic

Now the woke lunatics have another reason to bitch and moan. ‘LeBron Luther King’ was disappointed at the media for not asking him, the new leader of the Black race, about this old picture of Jerry, the supposedly White supremacist who secretly doesn’t want ebony and ivory to come together in harmony.


’42’ million.

I swear.

Now Deion’s old team, the Jackson State Tigers, they have a gematria of 216.

216 has a relation to the number 666.

216 = 6 x 6 x 6

Or Six Sixty Six, which when written in a word sums to 57.

Recall that Deion’s new hiring was on December 3rd. That day had a numerology of 57.

12 + 3 + 20 + 22 = 57

666. Or Six Hundred Sixty Six. Written in a word it equals 275.

Coach Prime left Jackson State with an impressive coaching record of…27-5!

And recall that Karl Dorrell was fired on October 2nd.

That day was the…275th day of the year.


UFC Calvin Katter vs Arnold Allen. The Perfect ‘Magical’ Number 28 for the Perfect Bet?

This fight was on October 29th, 2022.

Back in elementary school, I knew you could divide the number 28 by 1, 4, 7 and 14. But no one taught me that 28 was that perfect ‘magical’ ‘mystical’ number…

28 is one of the very few numbers that if you add all of its divisors you get the number.

You can divide 28 by 1, 2, 4, 7, 14 and 28.

1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 = 28


The winner of this main event fight was Arnold Allen who is 28 years old.

Arnold sums to 28.

Allen sums to 28.

Allen was born on January 22nd, 1994.

That day had a lesser date numerology of 28.

1 + 2+2 + 1+9+9+4 = 28

His last birthday was…2 8 0 days ago.

This UFC main event fight was on a Saturday. Saturday sums to 28.

Allen landed 28 times on Kattar.


The perfect magical mystical number 28 is also the 7th Triangular number.

0 + 1 = 1, 1 + 2 = 3, 3 + 3 = 6, 6 + 4 = 10, 10 + 5 = 15, 15 + 6 =21, 21 + 7 = 28

28, the 7th triangular number.

Kattar lost his 7th fight.

Allen also sums to 17 in full reduction gematria.

Kattar sums to 17.

Kattar ‘magically’ blew up his knee in the 1st round.

Knee sums to 17.

Back in elementary school, I used to hate those numbers that you couldn’t divide without leaving those annoying remainders…


And 17 was one of the those prime numbers. 17 is the 7th prime number.

Kattar lost his 7th fight.

With his win, Allen has now a record of 19-1.

191 is the 43rd prime number.

This UFC fight was in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Nevada sums to 43.

Calvin blew his knee up…

The fight venue was called UFC Vegas 63.

‘UFC Vegas Sixty Three’ sums to 237.

Calvin Kattar lost and fell to a 23-7 record.


2 x 3 x 7 = 42

Calvin Kattar sums to 42.

Calvin blew his knee up…

Allen landed 41.8% of his strikes.

Or to make a round number…42%.

Monday Night Football, Black vs White Quarterbacks, The Crucifixion of Russell ‘Jesus’ WilSon, Doug Williams, Justin Martyr, Kobe Bryant and the infamous Skull & Bones

When I noticed that this last October 17th Monday Night Football was…322 days after Russell Wilson‘s November 29th birthday, I knew that something was up.

322 brings to mind the Skull and Bones secret society out of Yale University

Russell Wilson. The parent organization of the Skull and Bones is the…Russell Trust Association.

Named so after one of the co-founders…WILliam Huntington…RUSSELL!

For what it’s worth, the Skull and Bones were formed 190 years ago, in 1832.

The Father of American Football, Walter Camp, graduated from Yale. It is likely he was a member of Skull and Bones.

The shape of a football is similar to the shape of the ‘Vesica Piscis’.

Vesica Piscis sums to 190.

190 is the 19th triangular number.

0 + 1 = 1, 1 + 2 = 3, 3 + 3 = 6, 6 + 4 = 10, 10 + 5 = 15, 15 + 6 =21, 21 + 7 = 28, 28 + 8 = 36, 36 + 9 = 45, 45 + 10 = 55, 55 + 11 = 66, 66 + 12 = 78, 78 + 13 = 91, 91 + 14 = 105, 105 + 15 = 120, 120 + 16 = 136, 136 + 17 = 153, 153 + 18 = 171…

171 + 19 = 190 the 19th triangular number.

The secret ‘Occult Empire’ love the numbers.

Russell Wilson and his Denver Broncos lost by giving up 19 points to Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Russell’s performance has been trash since Day 1 of joining the Denver Broncos.

His old team, with whom he won Superbowl 48 by beating…the Broncos, are the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks won 19-9 against the Arizona Cardinals, the day before on Sunday.

Black Quarterbacks vs White Quarterbacks’

Black Quarterbacks performance vs White Quarterbacks was pitiful on Week 6. Just one out of seven Black QBs who faced a White QBs won their match up.

It started on Thursday Night Football on October 13th, in the game between the Washington Commanders and the Chicago Bears.

The worst game I’ve ever seen.

The Black QB who took that first L was the young Justin Fields.

Justin Fields and his Bears lost to Commanders White QB Carson Wentz…

So, after that lost…

…it was White QBs 1 – Black QBs 0

Now, on Sunday, the next Black QB to lose to the White QB was Jacoby Brissett of the Cleveland BROWNS. He lost to backup QB Bailey Zappe of the New England Patriots.

White QBs 2 – Black QBs 0

Miami Dolphins Black Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater lost to his ex-teammate, Minnesota Vikings veteran White Quarterback Kirk Cousins.

White QBs 3 – Black QBs 0

The Upset of the Week. The year, maybe. Baltimore Ravens Black QB Lamar Jackson lost to White QB Daniel Jones of the New York Giants.

White QBs 4 – Black QBs 0

Then Carolina Panthers Black QB PJ Walker (Black Panther?) lost to Superbowl champ White QB Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams.

White QBs 5 – Black QBs 0

Black QB Pat Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs came up short against white hot (no pun intended) White QB Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills.

White QB 6 – Black QBs 0

At last! A Black QB stepped up! Jalen Hurts from the Church of Philadel…I mean, the Philadelphia Eagles, won on Prime Time Sunday Night Football (SNF) against the Dallas Cowboys and the White backup QB of Black QB Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush.

White QBs 6 – Black QBs 1

Thank you Jalen, for making it 6-1. It’s better than 7-0.

But why 6-1? Because Jalen Hurts sums to 61…

And Philadelphia sums to 61.

Justin Fields was the first Black QB to face a White QB, Jalen of the PHILADELPHIA Eagles was the SIXTH, before Russell the seventh…


Black QB. White QB. Black Jesus. White Jesus.

Jesus sums to 61.

The British actor picked to play Jesus of Nazareth in that old 1977 TV Series, Robert Powell…

He was born on June 1st. 6/1.

Christian sums to 61.

Church sums to 61.

GOD sums to 61 in Latin gematria.

God gave his son Jesus to the world and he was crucified. Many people wear the Crucifix as a piece jewelry or rosary.

Gospel of John sums to 61.

Jesus was crucified on a Cross. Cross sums to 61.

Cross. Skull and Bones.

Skull and CROSSBones.

So the ‘Black QB vs White QB’ games seem to have also being synched up with the Skull and Bones. Skull and Crossbones sums to 61.

Coming into to this showdown between Black QB Russell Wilson and White QB Justin Herbert, the White QBs were whooping the brothers 6-1.

This is Justin Herbert. The 6th pick of the…1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Heck! Justin Herbert sums to 61.

The first touchdown of the night was on a pass from Russell Wilson to a wide open Tight End Greg Dulcich.

And what do you know. Greg Dulcich sums to 61.

The Denver Bron