The murder Of LeSandro Guzman-Feliz: Mistaken Identity or Ritual For Tammuz?

Last night, while perusing videos on a YouTube channel named ChroniclesOfJudah 144, I stumbled upon the story of the death of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. A young 15-year-old boy who was savagely murdered with machetes in the Bronx.

So, I decided to do a quick gematria decode. While watching the video, I kept hearing terms like ritual sacrifice. “Weeping for Tammuz”. Shrines. Summer solstice. Bulls. Mithras.

As soon as I began, there was no doubt in my mind. Lesandro’s death was a ritual sacrifice.

And during the decode I realized he died exactly 2 years ago, June 20th, 2018.

God works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, always watch out for days with a date numerology of 64 AND 44. Lesandro died on such day.

Gematria Calculator–>>

64 is the KILL number.

So is the number 44.

Execution also sums to 44.

No. The bodega owner DID try to hide Lesandro. But it was too late. The poor kid was spotted and dragged outside.

Lesandro, unfortunately, was a perfect match with the gematria of sacrifice. I believe that because of this, he was targeted for sacrifice.

Sacrifice has gematria numbers of 73, 170, 62.

Lesandro Guzman. 170. 62. 73.

He was killed in his Belmont Bronx neighborhood. 170. 62.

Bronx. 73. 62.

The Dominican gang that killed him, were called the Trinitarios which also sums to 62!

Sacrifice sums to 62.

Blood sacrifice sums to the number 67.  Same as Bronx New York.

Lesandro was assaulted and killed by machete wilding Trinitarios gang members. Kill sums to 28.

Machete sums to 28!

Belmont was the perfect spot for a ritual sacrifice.

The number 108 connects the sun, the earth, and the moon. It is said that the diameter of the sun is equal to 108planet earths, and the distance from the sun to the earth is the equivalent of the diameter of 108suns. At the same time, it is said the distance from the earth to the moon is the same as the diameter of 108moons.

Lesandro played the role of Tammuz. The Sheppard. Tammuz was the son of Nimrod the Sun god, And Semiramis, the Moon goddess. Together they formed a Trinity. Trinitarios?

Lesandro was killed in his neighborhood of Belmont in the Bronx.

He died on a day that also had a date numerology of 19.

The bodega security and a witness cell phone video footage show that the situation was total CHAOS.

I did not check the headlines, but this unfortunate event was probably used by the local authorities to later bring in more policing.

Lesandro died a span of 222 days after his November 11th birthday.

Seems like a typical “Order out of CHAOS” situation.

This happened around the corner of Bathgate Avenue and the…183rd street!

And notice this happened in Bronx located on the 73W parallel.

Lesandro was dragged out of the Bodega and murdered right outside.

He was killed 221 days after his 15th birthday.

Tammuz is also known as Dumuzid, which sums to 37.

Lesandro’s death occurred, according to the video, to commemorate the death of Tammuz and the SUMMER solstice. Summer sums to 37.

And the day of Lesandro’s death also had a date numerology of 37!

That day was also 37 days before the July 27th 2018 total moon eclipse.

The elite love to orchestrate or provoke events to reenact old pagan rituals. Like the “Weeping of Tammuz”.

“…north of the gate of the house of the Lord,…”

Gate? Like Bathgate Avenue? Women weeping and mourning Lesandro aka Tammuz on Bathgate Avenue?

As you saw in the video, the ‘media’ put a lot of emphasis on the women marching, crying, mourning and weeping, to make the “Weeping for Tammuz” ritual resulting from the blood sacrifice more powerful.

Lesandro’s last names were Guzman and FELIZ.

We can say that Felix and Feliz have the same meaning. Lucky. Fortunate. Happy. Which when you think about it can be viewed as a sick joke. Because Lesandro Guzman-FELIZ, was far from being lucky that day.

What are the odds that a 15 year old boy leaves his home after being called out on a school night at around 11 PM, runs into the Trinotarios gang who were waiting for him in TWO cars to kill him, because they “mistakenly” thought he was that boy in a sextape with one of the member’s sister?  

Lesandro was of Dominican origin and was sacrificed Tammuz style by a “Dominican” gang.

I think this kid, sadly, was set up for ritual sacrifice long before his demise. Lesandro was killed…144 days before his birthday.

Labeled by many truth seekers as the secret occult rulers of this world, the Jesuit Order, sums to 144.

The more popular name for the Jesuit Order is the Society of Jesus.

Lesandro Guzman-Feliz. Was he 187’d on the summer solstice for the Society of Jesus/Tammuz.

The founder of the Dominican Order was a Roman Catholic religious fanatic, Saint DOMINGO FELIX de GUZMáN (1170 – August 6, 1221).  In 1215, when the Magna Carta was sealed by King John of England, the Bishop of Toulouse offered the use of a house and church in Toulouse to Domingo Félix de Guzmán, and it was there that the original Dominican order was founded. Saint Dominic hada great to do with the tales of the Knights Templars, Magna Carta and the Holy Grail. He was one of the leaders that brutally persecuted and mass murdered the Cathars, the “Pure Ones” in Southern France with the king armies, and Knights Templar loyal to Roman Catholic Church.

More about this here…

Saint-Domingo? Like Santo-Domingo, Spanish for Dominican Republic? Like where many of the people of Belmont, the Trinitarios gang members and Lesandro’s families are originally from? Notice how Saint DOMINGO FELIX de GUZMáN is similar to Lesandro Guzman-Feliz? I am sure there is plenty of Latin American males in the U.S. with names like that, maybe for cultural and religious reasons. But damn.

Trinitarios is Spanish for Trinitarians.

Indeed. The Trinitarios gang, reminds me of the Trinitarians Order.

There must be a reason why Mr. Saint-Felix of Valois is looking at a dear. Whatever the reason may be, I cannot help but to think of the stag god Cernounos, the ancient Egyptian horned god Khnum, or the notoriously hungry for children blood sacrifice, the BULL god Moloch aka BAAL.

One of the killers, wearing a red and black Chicago Bulls cap. Red and black together are sacrifice colors.

The Trinitarian Order was formed in December 17th, 1198. That is the birthday of a guy we know…

Current Pope Francis is the 266th pope. He is also the first Jesuit Pope. Lesandro Guzman Feliz was killed266th days after the anniversary of the formation of the Jesuit Order which was September 27th, 1540.

266 days. It is equivalent to 38 weeks.

March 13th, 2018 was the 5th year since Pope Francis became pope. There are 99 days between March 13th and June 20th, 2018 when Lesandro was slayed.

Death. Afterlife. Tammuz the god of regeneration. Rebirth through death.

Machete. Killing. Sacrifice. “Eating the body”. Sacramentally, meaning ritualistically. Drinking the Blood. Blood sacrifice.

Bread. Corn. Ale (Beer). BODEGA.

Lesandro was killed to commemorate the death of Nimrod and his rebirth as the Sun god through his son Tammuz, the son of the sun, on the summer solstice. Nimrod and Tammuz are one and the same. The weeping women of Belmont, Lesandro and the Trinitarios were all USED to create this paganistic reenactment like pawns.

Who has the power to manipulate people like that?

R.I.P. Lesandro Guzman-Feliz.

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